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Easy Drive Spoof with Jungleflasher

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Easy Drive Spoof with Jungleflasher

Post by Chance Mott on Mon Jul 26, 2010 3:49 am

First open up JF and load in the Originahttp://proxmodzz.tk/l firmware you want to spoof. In this i spoofed a Hitachi 79 as a Samsung MS28.

With Hitachi you want to take note in where the Key is located this 79 is at 0x4C30.
Now click save key and save it somewhere just for temp.

Now Load in your ixtreme hitachi firmware. (remember the key location)

Now click on Manual spoofing.

Select load key.bin and select the key.bin file you saved in step 2.
Select the drive you want to spoof your firmware as in my case i want it to be a Samsung MS28.

Now you have your firmware spoofed and hacked. Now you can either save it and use the DOS method of flashing your drive or flash it within JF like you would any other Hitachi firmware.

Hopefully this will help with some people thinking they have to open up an original firmware in order to spoof to that drive type. This way you can spoof the firmware and have it hacked at the same time.
Chance Mott
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