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Pretty cool tool

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Pretty cool tool Empty Pretty cool tool

Post by Chance Mott on Tue Jul 27, 2010 7:20 am

- Easy to use and see GUI
- Perfect aligning of the buttons
- Donate button (you should really check this button out!Very Happy
- Credits button
- Features many popular programs to games and JTAG Consoles
- Flashing Title
- Read Me text files for all the programs
- Smooth install package
- Easy to spot desktop icon
- Fairly small size for how much use you will get out of it!
- Clean File ~~ VIRUS FREE ~~

JTAG Programs
- Xexmenu V1.1
- 360 Flashtool
- TU6 ( for mw2 - just for the kids who cant figure out how to get it themselves )
- Patch and Default_mp. (thanks to dudeitsbrian)
- Xport 360
- UBS Xplorer
- Flash 360
- NandPro20b
- CON Uncorrupter
- .ff viewer

Game Modifiers
- EzGt 2.2
- 750+ Game Adder
- Profile Editor 2.5 (cracked)
- Modio
- Horizon
- Modded Game Saves
- COD Tool
- Rainbow Six Vegas 2 - Stats Editor
- Oblivion Stats Editor
- Blacklite: Tango Down - Exp Editor

All Credits to the people i owe them to are in the credits tab!
Everyone please enjoy the progam and leave me feedback as to what I should add and change!
Finally Please donate and rep if this helped you!
Give me Suggestions as to the new programs i should add to the next version aswell!

(No, there is not an updater as i figured it would be pointless when it takes 3 sec to just reupload a new copy of the program onto here, My Appologies!)

Chance Mott
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