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[TUT] How to get Mass Effect 2 working on a JTAG console

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[TUT] How to get Mass Effect 2 working on a JTAG console Empty [TUT] How to get Mass Effect 2 working on a JTAG console

Post by Chance Mott on Tue Jul 27, 2010 8:05 pm

Okay guys, I know I've had a lot of trouble getting Mass Effect 2 to work on my JTAG but I figured out how to do it AND how to avoid disc swapping!👍

Well the obvious, JTAG, Mass Effect 2
XeXtool 5.2
Xbox 360 game hack

ALSO: This works for most games that come on 2 discs, so come FF13, use this to not have to disc swap either Very Happy

So now onto the tutorial...

Step 1: Turn on your JTAG console with your external hard drive connected to it and go to Games Library >>> Game Demos >>> XeXMenu and start it up.

Step 2: Press (RB) Right Bumper to get to your external hard drive. Mine was USB0: so I only had to press RB once. Then go to your "Games" folder and inside that create a folder called "Mass Effect 2".

Step 3: Press (Y) to bring up an options menu in XeXMenu and select "Copy DVD". Your disc drive will open and you insert Mass Effect Disc 1 into the tray and press confirm.

Step 4: Wait for it to finish copying to your Mass Effect 2 folder. When done, repeat the Copy DVD process (in the same Mass Effect 2 folder) but with Disc 2 this time and do or don't replace any same/common files, whatever your in the mood for.
NOTE: It may be easier to copy over individual files from the DVD to the folder because both disc have some of the same files on them and this would just cut down a bit of time.

Step 5: Once all the copying is done, you now have Mass Effect 2 on your hard drive. YAY!... not. It doens't work<_< So now you navigate back to your Mass Effect 2 folder and CUT (I mean CUT, not copy, but CUT) the $SystemUpdate foder out of there and paste it to your root on your external hard drive.

Step 6: Unplug your external hard drive from your Xbox 360 and plug it into your computer. Then move the $SystemUpdate folder (that you put on the root of your hard drive) to your desktop, making sure that it is now NOT in your root.

Step 7: Copy your default.xex and unreap.xex to your desktop as well. Now put $SystemUpdate in the XeXTool 5.2 folder along with the default.xex and double click on the XeXTool application. Then drag default.xex back to the desktop and replace with unreap.xex, repeat the patching and once done, again, drag unreap.xex to your desktop.

Step 8: Replace the default.xex and unreap.xex that you just patched in XeXTool in your Mass Effect 2 folder.

Step 9: Run Xbox360GameHack on the Mass Effect 2 folder, don't worry about any errors.

Step 10: Plug in your external hard drive into your JTAG and open up XeXMenu and start playing Mass Effect 2!

Like I said, this also gets rid of the disc switching problem and will work on most other 2 disc games.

Thanks for reading, I hope I helped you out and please don't steal. Please give credit to me (Stupiditility) and Se7enSins
Chance Mott
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