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[TUT] Unlock hidden admin achievements

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  [TUT] Unlock hidden admin achievements Empty [TUT] Unlock hidden admin achievements

Post by Chance Mott on Tue Jul 27, 2010 8:07 pm


Hidden GPD files:




Le Fluffie App:




Xport360(or Xplorer360 if you have it):


Ok first off you need to get your profile from Xport if you have a transfer cable or usb xtaf if using a usb by transfering your gamertag to the usb from your xbox once you have found your gamertag extract it to the desktop of your computer then when you have done this open the Le Fluffie App (run as administrator if you need to) once the app is running open up your profile when you have done this click on the tab at the top that says profile then click the tab underneath that reads achievements once you have done this click the button that says add games to profile when you do this it should open up a miniwindow click file and select the Hidden GPD files you downloaded when you have added the achievements be sure to change the unlock dates to match the achievements when you have done this save and exit Le Fluffie then open Modio and drag & drop the modded profile into modio then rehash and resign once this is done delete the old profile from your HDD/USB depending on what you are using and inject the new modded profile onto your device then put back on your xbox and thats you done!

I hope this helps you guys Enjoy...
Chance Mott
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