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How to Install the 30Ms Ping patch

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  How to Install the 30Ms Ping patch Empty How to Install the 30Ms Ping patch

Post by Chance Mott on Tue Jul 27, 2010 8:18 pm

Items needed
My pack of goodies http://rapidshare.co...gamebeatter.rar
freestyle dash(its that good)
a brain

Step 1

Download the pack of goodies Smile
Get your nand you use to make your freeboot image

Step 2
drop to nand into the folder of goodies
Open freeboot tool maker

Step 3
Insert your CPU key/Generate freeboot image, the way it is set up now is your going to flash the launch.ini to the nand*im doing this very easy*

Step 4
Have freeboot tool maker renamed it to updflash.bin

Step 5
flash the newly created freeboot image to your nand using flash 360 or linux or xell

Step 6
Move the folder Flash_installer from the folder of goodies to your external HD(applications folder for freestyle dash)

Step 7
If your using xex Menu you should have stopped using this tutorial and go cry. But if your using freestyle dash go to applications and open the Flash_installer....there will be text dont worry just press A
Back out should load freestyle....good

Step 8
Put the kxam.patch on BOTH the external HD and internal HD on the root of the drive

Step 9
Restart xbox (may take a little bit) but it should start to freestyle dash

Step 10
Download xlink kai and set it up

Step 11
Find a match you want to join

Step 12
Join it

Step 13

Step 14
Give gamebeatter a dollar

Chance Mott
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